92th Council of the OIEC (Cebu)

The 92nd Council of the OIEC is held in Cebu City, Philippines, from 29 September to 1 October. 29 advisors on 31 were present or represented. This Council has benefited from the hospitality of the CEAP (Catholic Education Association of the Philippines), through the Father Alain Manalo. This Council was essentially devoted to prepare the state of the scene of the OIEC a few months after the General Assembly in Rome in November 2015. Four points were addressed: the identity and status of the OIEC, governance, programs and services of the OIEC and finance. This Council had been well prepared by the Ad Hoc Group in Rome, and by the Expanded Bureau. A few important decisions have been taken: relocate the headquarters in Rome, adopt civil statutes, recognize programs and designate responsible for programs, modify the scale of contributions. Other decisions more Legal will be taken during the 93rd Council of the OIEC which will be held in Beirut in April 2017, after that the Legal Affairs Committee has prepared the draft resolution.

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