Going into a partnership OIEC – OIDEL

During a meeting in Geneva, the General Secretary of the OIEC and the Secretary General of OIDEL, Alfred Fernandez (International Organization for the right to education and freedom of teaching) have prepared the contents of a partnership agreement between the OIEC and OIDEL. According to the terms of this agreement, OIDEL will represent the OIEC[…]

CIEC General Assembly – Aruba

The Inter-American Confederation for Catholic Education (CIEC) is the regional secretariat for the OIEC in America. The CIEC held its 54th General Assembly on the island of Aruba (Caribbean Netherlands). Twenty-five countries of the Americas attended. The United States of America were also represented by Thomas Burnford, President of the CNEA (Catholic National Education Association).[…]

News from Camerun

“In Cameroon, we are just coming out of two national meetings, the Annual General Assembly of Cameroon Catholic secondary schools’ Directors (February, 21st-22nd 2017 in Yaoundé), whose topic was: ‘Catholic school face the challenge of integral human education’. And from February 23rd to 24th, 2017, was held the Standing Committee of Diocesan Secretaries for Catholic[…]

Partnership OIEC/ILFAM

The OIEC is a partner of the ILFAM: Instituto Latinoamericano de la Familia (ilfam@utpl.edu.ec  ). The ILFAM was created in 2006, following the 7th National Congress of Catholic Education in Ecuador. The main objective of the ILFAM is to create a space to think for institutional support and to meet the priority needs of the[…]