91st General Assembly of the CEEC in Berlin/ Germany

The General Assembly of the CEEC took place in Berlin (Germany) from the 20 to 22 April 2018. All the members of the CEEC were present. During the General Assembly Mgr. Hans-Josef BECKER, Archbishop of Paderborn, president of the Commission for Education of the German Bishops’ Conference, and Dr. Lukas SCHREIBER, director of the secretariat of the German Bishops’ conference presented the situation of the catholic schools in Germany. In this occasion we could notice the big diversity of the situation of the catholic schools in Germany which is due to the organization of the country in different “Länder” which organize themselves differently in the field of education. During this General Assembly the CEEC has then presented the issue of an intercultural and religious dialogue in Europe, which was demonstrated with the example of Flemish Belgium. Finally, the CEEC described the matter “freedom of education”, together with OIDEL.