NZCEO Convention, Wellington 12-15 June 2018

Every three years, the New Zealand Office for Catholic Education (NZCEO) organizes its convention, which brings together bishops (six dioceses), episcopal delegates for the Catholic schools, school heads, teachers and the employees of the institutions. There are about 60,000 students in Catholic schools in NZ, for a population of 4 million. This gathering is lived[…]

OIEC permanent representation in New York (UN): Experts at a Holy See Event stressed that good parenting is essential for peace

On June 1 2018, the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the UN, together with the Universal Peace Federation, held a conference at UN Headquarters in New York entitled, “The Impact of Good Parenting on Children and Society: The Many Benefits of Nurturing Children’s Integrity in the Home.” The Conference was held to[…]