The “I can” project is gaining momentum

The “I can” project is gaining momentum

The “I can” project (see post of 5th April 2018) which is supported by the OIEC with the help of the Congregation for Catholic Education is gaining momentum. Many organizations and congregations have joined this project and disseminate it in their own network. SM does not hesitate to help materially the construction of this project. The CIEC, OIEC’s Regional Secretariat for America has also joined this project. Brother Juan Antonio Ortiz Ortega, in charge of this programme for the OIEC, is sparing no effort to distribute it to members, congregations, etc. He presented this programme with the support of FIDAE at the IV Scholas Chairs (Castel Gandolfo) and then during a symposium organized by the Dicastery for the service of integral human development. A large meeting will be held in Rome in November 2019 in the presence of more than 1,000 young people from all over the world.

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