At the invitation of the CSN (Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria), and Father Bernard Asogo, National Secretary of the CSN’s Committee on Catholic Education, the Secretary General attended the 3rd National Catholic Education Summit of Nigeria which was held in Abuja from 15-17 October. More than 600 participants from across the country gathered in the presence of several Nigerian Bishops around the theme “Catholic Education in Nigeria: The Challenges of Child Protection and Human Sexuality.” At the opening mass, Mgr. Augustine Obiora Akubeze, Archbishop of Benin City and President of the Episcopal Conference of Nigeria, spoke clearly and unabashedly about the pedophilia scandals that are shaking the Church right now. He clearly denounced these practices and urged the Catholic education authorities to immediately strengthen procedures for the protection of minors in schools. All the communications during this Congress dealt with the issue of the protection of minors and their sexual education, in the context of modernity and the impact of new media.