CEEC General Assembly in Malta

CEEC General Assembly in Malta CEEC members celebrated their 94th GA in Malta. The CEEC is the regional secretariat for Europe of the OIEC. This meeting provided a better understanding of the realities of Catholic schools in Malta. Malta is the smallest country in the European Union. As at each GA, members have the opportunity[…]

Congress of Escuelas catolicas in Madrid (Spain)

Congress of Escuelas catolicas in Madrid (Spain) The Catholic schools of Spain celebrated in Madrid their biennial congress. 2000 delegates from all over Spain worked on the topic “Magister to give life”. Many speakers from Spain and other countries came to the forum to enthusiastically develop the theme of the Congress, in a very friendly[…]

Committee of experts ETINED (Council of Europe)

Committee of experts ETINED (Council of Europe) Since a couple of years, the Congregation for Catholic Education (Holy See) has entrusted the OIEC to represent it in a committee of governmental experts of the Council of Europe, called ETINED: ethics and integrity in education. This expert committee is important. It works on academic integrity and[…]

Chidren’s global summit, Rome

Chidren’s global summit, Rome Two years ago, the OIEC developed, in connection with the Congregation for Catholic Education, the Union of Major Superiors and Design for Change, the I CAN program, adapted to Catholic schools and treating the proposals of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si. It was just natural for the idea to develop to[…]

General Assembly of MENA, Istanbul

General Assembly of MENA, Istanbul From 15 to 18 October, the MENA GA took place for the first time in Istanbul (Turkey). All MENA member countries were present. The reality of education in Turkey was presented. French Catholic high schools in Turkey described their educational and social commitments, including the presentation of a moving solidarity[…]

Planet OIEC

Planet OIEC As announced at the New York Congress, the OIEC has embarked on a new program, the Planet OIEC program. This project is conducted in collaboration with The Magazine, a publication that aims to support English teachers in learning this language. Planet OIEC will enable the use of an English language learning medium to[…]