OIEC Steering Committee Meeting

The OIEC Steering Committee, consisting of the President, the Vice-Presidents (one for each OIEC region), the Treasurer, the representative of the Congregations and the Secretary General met at the OIEC headquarters in Rome on January 29-30, 2020. It was the first meeting of its kind in the new term, inaugurated at the General Assembly in New York. During this meeting, was reviewed the New York Congress with its strengths and weaknesses. The President also presented the main lines of the reform of the statutes which will be presented to the Executive Council in May. Furthermore, a first presentation of the 2019 accounts was given. At this meeting, the Steering Committee received a large delegation from GPEN Reformation, the world organization of Protestant schools. Promising contacts were created in order to understand what things we could do together in the service of the Christian schools of the world. Finally, the Steering Committee met with the people in charge of the Planet OIEC project, in order to familiarize with this project, which had been outlined during the New York Congress.