4th January 2018


November 2018



We have just counted the one hundredth registration for the next Congress of New York. The first to register have been Mali, Zambia, Niger, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, Canada, Mauritius, Peru, Norway, Scotland, Uganda, Morocco, France and others are arriving, including India. We are starting to feel a real movement of adhesion for this Congress. This is not surprising as OIEC members know the importance of this international meeting and are preparing for it. Every four years, the Catholic schools of the world meet to share a time of hope and experience the strength of universality that characterizes their catholicity, and especially to take strength in this shared energy. In New York, we made the commitment to become part of a prophetic vision of education. Education can and must save the world. That is why all of our members must be represented in New York. Only then will our commitment be credible internationally. Of course, the cost of the Congress may seem high, but we represent a network of 210,000 schools. In all the countries where we are present, delegates to New York will be the spokespersons of all educational communities in the country. We must therefore consider this participation in the Congress as a service. Thus, the cost of a delegate’s travel to New York can also be borne by those he represents. Let us find for this the spirit of Acts (4:34-35). And let’s continue to register!


Philippe Richard
Secretary general of the OIEC


1. Regularly visit the website https://www.oieccongress.com/ Here you will find all Congress information updated daily.
2. Please send us as soon as possible the expected registrations with your organization/ congregation: congres2019@oiecinternational.com
3. As of November, you will be able to register the members of your delegation directly on the website (please see hereafter).
4. Communicate widely within your organization/ congregation about this Congress. This Congress, which takes place every 4 years, is the visible part of the iceberg. We must succeed in celebrating Catholic education in the world and share with the world our universal hope that education can save the world. May every organization and congregation mobilize for this! We are not allowed to fail at this appointment.

You can now register for the Congress 2019 directly on the website :


Project “I CAN” – OIEC’s response to Laudato Si

Many countries and institutions have already joined the project “I can”. All are urged to take action, committing to empowering children/ youth, leading and co-creating projects that change their population and their social and environmental contexts.

The Pope confirmed that on 20 November 2019, on the World Children’s Day, 4,000 children and adolescents from more than 100 countries will participate in the Wednesday’s hearing in the Vatican. They will be hosted by more than 15,000 Italian children. And that Saturday, November 23, 2019, he granted us a hearing in the room Paul VI. During these four days, children/ youth will show the world that they want, know and can change the world, making it more human, more supportive and more sustainable.

Recently, the seventh seminar organized each year by the Commission of Education of the Union of Superiors General was held on November 9 and 10. This time it was a monograph of the project “I can” with a practical workshop to implement appropriately the methodology design for change.

From 28 to 30 November will be held the National Congress of the Catholic School of Italy (FIDAE), in which will participate Philippe Richard and brother Juan Antonio Ojeda. In this Congress, the project will be approached and promoted to be extended to the entire Italian school, Catholic and non-Catholic.

From November 30 to December 5, the global annual meeting of Design for Change will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, where children from more than 40 countries will share their most inspiring projects. Brother Juan Antonio Ojeda will attend the meeting, in coordination with the design for change officers in these countries, for the November 2019 global meeting.

(Brother Juan Antonio Ojeda Ortiz)

3rd international meeting of GPEN (Protestant schools)

At the invitation of the Global Pedagogical Network (GPEN), which brings together the Protestant schools of the world, the Secretary General traveled to Arusha (Tanzania) to participate in the third international meeting of this emerging movement. At this meeting, the Secretary General of the OIEC presented the OIEC network and the main lines of its action. He particularly emphasized the importance of the representation of Catholic schools in international organizations, and the necessary contribution of Catholic schools to the Education 2030 and the SDG4 project. During discussions with GPEN officials, several topics which Catholic and Protestant schools have in common emerged. It has been proposed to strengthen cooperation between Catholic and Protestant schools in dealing with these issues: education for peace, justice, solidarity, sustainable development, access to education for the poorest, inclusive education, etc.


Visit to the US Bishops’ conference in Washington

During a visit to the US as part of the preparations for the Congress, the Secretary General went to Washington. He was received at the Bishops’ Conference to advocate the return of the US to the OIEC. On the other hand, he took the opportunity to make some informal contacts with the World Bank. A new meeting is planned for January.



Congress of the CNEP (Saltillo, Mexico)

At the invitation of the CNEP, the Secretary General stayed in Mexico for one week from 25 to 31 October. He attended the annual CNEP meeting in Saltillo, which brought together more than 600 delegates from all over Mexico. He also participated in various meetings at the CNEP headquarters in Mexico City. Finally, he awarded Br. Alejandro Aldape Barrios, former treasurer of the OIEC and current Rector of the Marist University of Mexico, the medal of the OIEC.


General Assembly of the CEEC in Glasgow/ Scotland

On Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October, the 92nd General Assembly of the CEEC (European Committee for Catholic Education) was held in Glasgow (Scotland). Almost all CEEC member countries were represented (Austria, Bosnia, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia).
The main decisions that have been taken are:
– A text entitled “Europe: Dare to Hope” has been adopted as well as the method of appropriation for all schools in member countries. These documents will be released soon.
– On 14 and 15 March 2019, a symposium will be held in Brussels on the challenges of intercultural and interreligious.
– A change in the calculation of membership fees for CEEC members.
– Call for candidates for elections in the CEEC and the OIEC.

Participants in this GA were also alerted to the difficult situation currently facing Catholic Education in Portugal.
(Michel Bertet)



Short news


1. From the Central African Republic (Paul GUINIMANGUIMI, Secretary General of the Catholic Associated Teaching of Central Africa/ Enseignement catholique associé de Centrafrique/ ECAC)
“Hello dear brothers and sisters,
New insurrections in the Central African Republic against civilians on the sites of displaced Catholic churches first in Batangafo since late October/ early November in the diocese of Bossangoa, and now before yesterday, November 15, in Alindao with the assassination of the Vicar General the Father Blaise Prosper MADA and more than 40 other people.
The Catholic Church of Central Africa and the civilian population continue to live unspeakable horrors without any real foundation. The opaque darkness falls again on the country with thousands of children who pay the price….
Union of prayer. “

2. From Canada (Julian Hanlon, Executive Director, CCSTA)
“(…) At our Board of Directors meeting last week the Board approved the recommendation to join OIEC”.




From 6 to 8 November, New York and Washington. Congress Steering Committee, and visit to the US Bishops’ Conference
16 November, Brussels. Legal Commission of the OIEC
From the 22nd to the 24th November, Arusha, Tanzania, participation in the Protestant schools world meeting
25 November, Nairobi, Kenya. Meeting with the OIEC President
27th to 28th November, Rome, Italy. Participation in the FIDAE Congress
From 29 to 30 November, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France. Participation in the meeting of ministerial experts ETINED (Ethics in Education) to represent the Holy See.