GLOBAL COMPACT ON EDUCATION: Posters and materials for schools

In order to continue promoting knowledge and expansion of the objectives proposed by Pope Francis to achieve a Global Compact on Education, posters have been designed with illustrations that help us to know, understand and deepen the meaning, significance and scope of these objectives. The aim is to reach all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, in our educational and social contexts. We are all called upon to achieve and live these goals in all the places where we live.

This material has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Dicastery for Culture and Education, the team of Global Compact On Education, the International Office Of Catholic Education, the Education Commission of the Union of Superiors General, CPAL and LUMSA. May our testimony of unity and collaboration extend to many people, so that they may join in this initiative to publicize, disseminate and deepen knowledge of these objectives, adding schools, universities, educational and social institutions, and the various cultural, sporting, political, religious and commercial sectors of our neighbourhoods and cities.

The drawings were designed and created by Patxi Velasco (“FANO”), from Malaga, Spain.

We will have at our disposal 4 easy-to-use and very inspiring files or materials that will help us understand and take action:

The 7 posters

One for each goal of the Global Compact on Education and one poster grouping them all, in high quality so that they can be reproduced in different sizes. We’re launching them in over 20 languages (Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Tamil, Hindi, Tetum, Thai, Korean, Croatian, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Vietnamese, Kiswahili, Romanian, Slovenian…). Translation into other languages is also possible. Just send us the language you need and we’ll lay it out for you, so that it can be understood from any native language.

Each poster is composed of 3 elements:

  • A verb that synthesizes it and indicates the central action to be taken;
  • An illustration with multiple details that opens the horizon and gives us multiple clues to reach the objective;
  • And finally, the technical and descriptive title of the poster, accompanied by a brief commentary that defines it.

Download the posters


The notebook for educational communities

The notebook for educational communities (leaders, teachers, families, students, collaborators), for neighborhood associations and various city sectors and collectives, parishes, NGOs, etc. They are available in 5 languages (Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese). It briefly describes the drawings and proposes activities to understand and project the Objective, in order to initiate its application and construction within each collective and the city; a local concretization with a global opening.

Download the booklet


Book 1, for children aged 5 to 8.

It contains the drawings without coloring them, so that when they color them, they’ll be able to notice and recognize the elements that form and inspire the poster. In addition, a number of activities engage them individually and in groups, with the aim of increasing their empathy and caring for the people in their class and city.

Download the booklet 1


Book 2, for teenagers and young people.

Thanks to the Design for Change methodology, they are empowered in each objective to identify a target, understand the problem or need detected, search together for a possible and appropriate solution, put it into practice and share it in order to inspire and contaminate others. In this way, they help to change their lives and their context in the direction of the goal they are pursuing.

Download the booklet 2