Integral Human Development report

Expected frequency: Every 2-3 years


As a first milestone in a series dedicated to integral human development, the Global Report Integral Human Development 2022 – Measuring the Contributions of Catholic and Other Faith-Based Organizations to Education was recently published, health care and social protection.

The initiative was born primarily to raise awareness within the international community of the experiences and role of faith-based organizations in contributing to integral human development and to bring to faith-based educators and all those interested in the full expertise and knowledge of the international community on human development.

The reports will be the product of the volunteer-led Global Catholic Education project, co-sponsored by the four international organizations that federate Catholic education globally, namely:

  • the International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC) for pre-primary, primary and secondary education,
  • the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) for universities,
  • the World Organization of Catholic Education Alumni (OMAEC) for Alumni,
  • and the World Union of Catholic Teachers (UMEC-WUCT) for teachers,
  • and the International Bureau of Catholic Children (BICE).