Academic Pole



The academic pole has an important role in the construction of the Global Compact on Education.

It has as an objective to:

  • To promote research on the specific contribution of the Catholic School in the educational field and on the adaptation of the school to the needs, realities and aspirations of its environment;

  • To serve the network of exchanges between its members, for their mutual information and the information of other educators, through the development of communication.

Construct the Compact on Education


The Academic Pole regularly offers publications to all its members in order to allow everyone to better understand the guidelines of the Pope and the Dicastery for Culture and Education

In 2020, Brothers Juan Antonio Ojeda Ortiz and Manuel Jesús Ceballos, with the collaboration of Professor Beatriz Ramírez, on behalf of the OIEC, coordinated the preparation of a book-report entitled: Lights for the road. A GLOBAL COMPACT FOR EDUCATION. An education of, with and for all. Towards a more fraternal, united and sustainable society”.
This book is a meeting place, a place of humble listening that leads us to dialogue and understand what others bring to us, with the desire to work together to build the Compact.

Subsequently, a guide was published in five languages with four different phases to help institutions and entities to know, understand, analyse, debate, experiment and create the pact from each local educational reality.

In 2023, Brother Juan Antonio Ojeda Ortiz reiterates the approach by publishing “Learning from others – BUILDING THE EDUCATIONAL COMPACT FROM THE TERRITORY”. Starting from a local observation on the city of Santander in Colombia, he develops more global orientations with the OIEC.

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Global Catholic Education Network

The OIEC forms together with the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU), the World Organization of Former Pupils of Catholic Education (OMAEC) and the World Union of Catholic Teachers (UMEC), the global network of Catholic education.

Global Catholic Education informs and connects Catholic educators around the world.  

It provides them with data, analysis, learning opportunities and other resources to help them fulfil their mission with a particular focus on the needs and aspirations of the poorest and most vulnerable.

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