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Never before has there been such need to unite our efforts in a broad educational alliance, to form mature individuals capable of overcoming division and antagonism, and to restore the fabric of relationships for the sake of a more fraternal humanity.

- Pope Francis -

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9 May 2024 from 2pm to 3pm (Rome time)


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Press release for the DRC

The International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC) expresses its deep concern at the recent flooding in the Democratic Republic of...

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Understand the 7 objectives

of the Global Compact on Education


In order to continue promoting knowledge and expansion of the objectives proposed by Pope Francis to achieve a Global Compact on Education, posters have been designed with illustrations that help us to know, understand and deepen the meaning, significance and scope of these objectives. The aim is to reach all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, in our educational and social contexts. We are all called upon to achieve and live these goals in all the places where we live.


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Learning with others

The OIEC is pleased to be able to share with you this new book: “Learning from others: BUILDING THE TERRITORY’S EDUCATIONAL PACT. The experience of the Norte de Santander region (Colombia)”, which we coordinated and published.

In response to Pope Francis’ invitation to build together a global pact for education, thisbook offers clear guidelines to help weave the educational pact from the territory (village, neighborhood, city or region). Involve and mobilize the various educational and social sectors to generate this local alliance with a global opening.


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In September 2019, Pope Francis launched the invitation to build together a Global Compact on Education, and by relaunching it in October 2020, he proposed seven fundamental objectives to be discussed, specified and implemented in different contexts according to the particularities of each.

For its part, UNESCO initiated a broad and shared reflection by launching the appeal on “the future of education”, in the same month of September 2019, the date on which Pope Francis launched the Global Compact on Education. Two years later, he published his report: “Re-imagining our futures together. A new social contract for education”.


It is a joy to be able to bring together in a single brochure proposals shared by UNESCO and the Church.

This booklet reflects the openness that we must have with all people and with all groups, in the service of education for a better education for all, especially the most disadvantaged, and to change their lives and the contexts in which they live.

Download the booklet in English, French, Italian and Spanish


Laudate deum

On Wednesday 4 October, Pope Francis published a new apostolic exhortation on ecology, “Laudate Deum”, eight years after his encyclical “Laudato si'”. A few months ahead of COP 28, he renews his cry for the safeguarding of Creation and launches an appeal to Christians, leaders and “all people of good will on the climate crisis”.


To encourage educational communities to discuss this exhortation by Pope Francis, the OIEC has put together an exhibition of 16 panels presenting carefully selected passages from the encyclical, illustrated with photos.

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