The Global Compact on Education in your school

How can the Global Compact on Education be integrated into the school’s educational project?

Find out more about the process in the booklet:

“Building together
the Global Compact on Education?”

Booklet written by OIEC, USG – UISG in collaboration with SM. – Academica International Studies

The OIEC offers a range of tools to help you lead your team:

  • A video explaining “Building the Global Education Pact together”.




  • A poster presenting the 7 pillars of the Global Education Pact

  • A diagram (tree) presenting the school’s educational project in relation to the Global Compact on Education



  • A summary sheet for each action implemented, to enable end-of-year evaluation.

  • A charter of commitment to the Global Compact on Education

Each school or educational institution can promote its commitment to the Global Compact on Education by :

  • signing the Global Education Pact commitment charter.

    Complete the online form.

  • displaying the charter in the educational

All schools that have signed the charter will be listed on the OIEC website, to give visibility to the community involved.