Pole of International Solidarity

Pole of International Solidarity

Because solidarity is at the heart of its mission, the OIEC is committed to 3 axes:

  1. The access to Education,

  2. The reduction of the digital divide,

  3. Catering assistance for the most vulnerable.

Physical access to school:

  • Support in post-conflict school reconstruction: Ukraine, …
  • Help with financing school transportation:
  • Funding for the purchase of a bus to take children to school (in Algeria) up to €5,000 (2023)

Access to digital means so that everyone is respected in their right to information and communication.

  • Protecting the right of everyone to communicate, regardless of their location and living conditions, is a fundamental issue, especially when defending equal access for all to education and training.

Access to enough healthy food to see thousands of children grow up.

  • Because an empty stomach does not study and hunger hinders learning, it is important to act so that each child can have the sufficient conditions to eat.